Once upon a time, a red-haired feix escaped the [beautiful] backwaters of Somerset where she grew up, and via Durham University found herself in the magical Big Smoke…

And the rest is history.

Welcome to feixy, a blog about all things London life, writing, beauty battles and finds, blah *insert more of my crazy musings here!*… [I like to write and I’m addicted to social media. You caught me]. Enjoy my little corner of the internet feix-nest!

All opinions my own. Even where PR / collaborations take place, I won’t push products I don’t genuinely recommend. Any paid posts will be flagged as such, although at this time there is 0 paid content on site.


When you stop doing things for fun, you might as well be dead.

- Ernest Hemingway.

NB: Product photos, as a rule, safe to say, are not mine and I don’t own (or claim to own) the rights. All imagery taken from merchant sites with links provided, or Pinterest. If you would like an image removed, please drop me an email with a link and this will be done as quickly as possible.

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